The 3rd Annual Operation Yellow Tape 3rd Conference 

 is seeking passionate sponsors to support our mission of empowering first responders. This conference brings together hundreds of first responders, mental health professionals, and community leaders for a day of education, connection, and support.

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The Buzz about Operation Yellow Tape Annual Event #2 


Amazing event! and Kudos to you all for being a voice, and a safe place! We need more people in advance just like this! Keep up the amazing work! - am


The event was impeccably organized, from start to finish. The event's emphasis on camaraderie and inclusivity made everyone feel like they were part of one big, unforgettable family. - mk


Patti and I were so blessed and touched throughout the day. It's been two weeks and we're STILL pumped! Let's save some sanity and some lives TOGETHER! It takes a team! - rl

A HUGE Thank you to our Current Sponsors for Making this Event Possible for Another Year!

Operation Yellow Tape

"There are too many of us to ever feel alone."