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"There are too many of us to ever feel alone."

The Story Behind Operation Yellow Tape

I am here today because I know too well about the mental health struggles that come with being a 20-year first responder. My life inside and outside the yellow tape has been brutal at times. In 2020, I met with my best friend and brother, a career firefighter for lunch off of interstate 95. We sat for close to five hours and talked. However, looking back, did we? Obviously not due to the fact that seventeen days later he took his own life. I remember sitting there wanting to share with him some real struggles I was facing. I remember waiting for the perfect time to just start the conversation. I let the stigma stop me. I think back now, was he thinking the same? It breaks my heart.

It’s not easy to drop your shield and let someone know you’re hurting. But I knew something had to be done to break the stigma so we didn’t keep losing brothers and sisters to their own mental health. I personally hid in the shadows with a smile for seven long years! I know what that does to your mind, body, and soul. It’s what fueled me to launch the Operation Yellow Tape Mission, turned movement. We are creating a culture of men and women who are getting “loud and proud” about sharing their mental health struggles and asking for support!


"We must become fierce in the early recognition of a mental health decline in those we live with, work with, and most importantly ourselves." - Lt. Kenny Mitchell

Walk with Me.

The Mission:

To provide quality resources, education, events, inspirational speaking, and a podcast to support first responders and their families that may be suffering in silence due to a mental health set-back.

The 2nd OPERATION YELLOW TAPE Event was a HUGE success.


I want to first say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who sponsored, contributed, volunteered, supported, and attended the 2nd Annual Operation Yellow Tape Event.  We had folks from Chicago, NYC, Ohio, Kentucky, South Carolina, Yellow Stone, North Carolina, Virginia Beach and so many other areas that drove or flew in.

It was incredible.

I met many for the first time that day and saw many familiar faces from the previous year.

OYT family … we did it! We had two incredibly successful mental health workshops and raised 1,174 lbs of food and hygiene products for the Chesterfield Food Bank.

For our 3rd event in 2024, we are going to blow it out of the water. More info to come. 
If becoming a #2024 sponsor interests you, reach out to me by clicking below.

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The Buzz about Operation Yellow Tape Annual Event #2 


Amazing event! and Kudos to you all for being a voice, and a safe place! We need more people in advance just like this! Keep up the amazing work! - am


The event was impeccably organized, from start to finish. The event's emphasis on camaraderie and inclusivity made everyone feel like they were part of one big, unforgettable family. - mk


Patti and I were so blessed and touched throughout the day. It's been two weeks and we're STILL pumped! Let's save some sanity and some lives TOGETHER! It takes a team! - rl


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